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You're young, you're small, and you've got energy to burn! 

It's time to play netball with Woolworths NetSetGO!

Woolworths NetSetGO is a fun and safe introduction to netball and is the best way for girls and boys aged 5 to 10 to have fun with their friends, keep active and learn the basic skills of netball in a safe and social environment.


Net teaches fundamental motor skills and netball skills through activities and games. This is the first stage of the Woolworths NetSetGO journey and is aimed at those who are new to netball. The Net tier has a minimum entry age of 5 and may be offered to children up to 10.


Set focuses on refining fundamental motor skills and introducing modified netball matches. The Set program has a minimum entry age of 7 years old and is for children ages 7-8 years.


GO focuses on developing netball specific skills through modified netball matches, with game sense driven activities and drills. The GO tier has a minimum entry age of 9 and is for children aged 9-10. After a participant completes the GO tier, the next step is registering to Junior Netball!

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