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SNA Promote an educational pathway based on Netball Australia Umpiring Courses (Foundation and Elite), ongoing professional development and practical umpiring instruction through an experienced umpire coach system.

For more information please contact our Umpire Development Officer. 

SNA run various workshops throughout the year and support umpires who are working towards badging. 


2023 Umpire Sessions


Coaching can be a very satisfying and worthwhile experience.  SNA run a variety of courses and workshops over the course of the season to help new coaches and developing coaches reach their personal goals. We encourage coaches both at club and association level to continue to expand their skills and further their accreditation. 

2023 Coaching Sessions



SNA believe true player development occurs when a player training and playing environment is of the highest quality.  Here at SNA we promote individual development from the younger ages through to adults by providing support and pathways to take the committed athlete to the next level.


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